Heat, time, movement and chemical reactions are a combination of factors that create what we call natural beauty. Rugged landscapes, red skies, rock, fossil and shell formations, other planets and the cosmos all provide me with never ending inspiration.

The medium of ceramics enables me to create my own natural beauty as I can also experiment with time, heat, movement and chemical reactions.

I work with porcelain because it is so pure, beautiful to the touch, and is very suitable for the firing technique that I use.

I use a variety of techniques to create my work. These include coiling, press moulding and slip casting. I never use glazes, as I want the surface of the pot to be part of the form not a separate glass layer. Once complete my work is burnished several times then left to dry. It is biscuit fired to 950 oC and then smoked fired in a metal dustbin in the garden. After it has cooled it is washed, dried and finally polished with beeswax.

As the surface is not glazed it is therefore porous and is not suitable for containing water. To maintain the sheen on one of my pots occasionally polish with beeswax.