Deborah Prosser is a ceramic artist who has built up an impressive business in Cornwall since moving there in 1981. She was born in Canada in 1957 but educated in England and studied ceramics at The West Surrey College of Art & Design. She went on to gain further experience at Bath Pottery.

In her well equipped workshop near Redruth in the heart of rural Cornwall she produces her highly decorated raw glaze slipware. Using traditional techniques of throwing and slabbing red earthenware, she creates a great range of collectibles, from the purely decorative and whimsical ‘folly pots’ to practical mugs and bowls, all of them glowing with colour and finished in a warm shiny glaze.

Her decorative motifs are inspired by studies of flora and fauna. Sea creatures, birds, patterns and flowers, seaweed and shells and a host of unexpected images tumble in profusion across her pots. More recent scenes include boats, harbours and endangered species.