Edgar Askelovic was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1987. As a child, Edgar already knew what he would like to do in the future. He was very creative; he did realistic paintings and sculptures using everything what was around him.

Edgar has studied art technique and art history in Vilnius Art Academy. Following that he came to Birmingham as a student by the ERASMUS exchange programme in February 2009 and decided to stay in the United Kingdom to finish his Fine Art Bachelors degree at Birmingham City University, where he found his art direction and style. When he was younger, he was impressed by the Hyper-realistic artistsí works. Currently, outside of work, Edgar is doing lifelike, lifesize realistic sculptures from silicone, fibreglass and resin. He likes to experiment in different styles, size and materials. He is interested in anatomy and how it affects on personality. Edgar loves to use his hands in the art world, and present something that makes people believe. In each artwork comes a different story.