Francis started making silver jewellery in the 1990s whilst still exhibiting and selling her print work.

Her interest in working primarily with metal has gradually exceeded the printed image, however she likes to think that she applies the same skills and interests in drawing, acid etching and use of textures to her work - now just on a smaller scale.
She oxidises much of her silver work, and then rubs pieces down in order to bring out the surface marks a similar way in which a printing plate is prepared with ink before going through the press.

Her work is figurative, she works from observation & likes to explore through drawing. Her birds have personality and expression.
Recently she has been working on exploring larger 3d pieces which are really an extension & a combination of her jewellery & print techniques.
These pieces use birds & hens in particular as a main theme, & combine a range of found materials with textured base metal.

Francis uses her etching skills, the rolling mill & draw on the metal surface with hammer & punch to make individual birds that are presented on a wooden framework.