MARIE PRETT Ceramic Sculpture

Marie’s interest in the human & animal form has been there from her earliest memories of drawing and painting. It has lasted through 6 years of art education where every design project was given a figurative twist, however "functional" the intention.

Marie's passion is for the narrative in each piece, the story behind the smile and humorous pose. Her angels curve upwards, with even their hair on its way to heaven, with closed eyes they are blind to temptation and seem to be saying "look I've been a good girl", or they have a dimpled smile, looking sideways through half closed eyes as if hiding a secret within. The angels are both serene and sensual and have the feel of a votive offering a prayer in clay.

The figures on horses or zebras have also been described as 'sensual' as well as gently mischievous. Sitting astride the wild horse or zebra the jesters and showgirls ride the untameable, carried placidly as a welcome guest the animal often has the affectionate, if resigned, expression of "whats she doing now".

The theatrical costumes and diamond motley of the harlequin are about the magic of transformation. The pieces add up to an expression for the desire for mischief, passion and wild magic, with snippets of every day life occasionally creeping in as with "He thought his talents under valued" a mystical creature part unicorn part Pegasus carries a woman puzzling over her A/Z with her Tesco bags balanced carefully behind her.

Marie says of her work: "It is my constant aim to create an infusion of energy, movement, colour and humour into each piece, to inspire curiosity and to make people smile".