Fresh water pearls are beautiful, lustrous and come in an array of many shades. They are a non-nucleated product of fresh water mussels such as uno margaritifera. For most of the 20th Century the pearl industry has been dominated by Japanese cultivators who developed farmed pearls by inserting a mother of pearl nucleus into oysters. These fulfilled a gap in the jewellery market as naturally occurring pearls and pearl fishing went into a decline in the Arabian Gulf. Inevitably high industrialisation caused pollution in Japan and pearl farmers focused their decades of experience in cultivation to the extensive rice paddy fields of China to develop a new source of high quality affordable pearls. The variety of shapes and sizes and both natural and enhanced colours being seemingly inexhaustible. The quality of the pearl is judged on size, colour, lustre, shape and ’skin’. This fabulous new source of pearls make dramatic and stunning necklets within the reach of everybody.