From one firing to another, it is possible to detect the constant metamorphosis of my work. I am constantly expanding my own limits, pushing boundaries and taking risks that are necessary for growth. I have not succumbed to a production workshop mentality where exact repetition is the dominant factor.

It is the willingness to take risks and bear the consequences that distinguishes the artist from the craftsman.

I love things which are interesting, varied, engaging and beautiful. I personally don’t respond to everything being uniform and minimal because it bores me.

I strive to create spacial drama in my work- an intricate composition of colour, shape, texture and form which the viewer feels compelled to touch, hold and rotate revealing complex relationships. I hope that my work has an effect on people which is more akin to a feeling and cannot always be put into words.

In my work, I have always been willing to take risks and push boundaries. Not being afraid to fail allows the “glass ceiling” on achievement to be broken.
I apply this principle to other aspects of my work and life too. I am happy to embark on a long journey across Europe or to America to take part in an event that I have never been to before. My view is that I will always return richer than when I left whether that be financially or in terms of knowledge. There is always something to be gained from such ventures such as inspiration, information or new friendships.