Born in Tokyo, Japan.
After a degree in English Language, Yo came to Britain and started 3D design course at Kent Institute of Art and Design.
During her introductory course, she was hooked in Ceramics and decided to take BA in Ceramics.
She also started assisting a British Studio Potter, Lisa Hammond whilst at college, and carried on as a full-time apprentice after obtaining MA.
She established her own studio in London in 2004 producing hand thrown functional stoneware and porcelain with Carbon-trapped Shino Glaze and Blue Celadon glaze.
For the last few years, she has been working on the new range called “Ai-Indigo”, which has been a great success.

Now she has relocated herself to a beautiful countryside in North Dorset and in the process of establishing a new pottery near Shaftesbury.
She is hoping to develop new work in this new environment surrounded by picturesque British countryside, which would be an unique marriage of British and Japanese elements.

Rosanjin Kitaoji is one of my favourite potters of all time.
His work is unique and fresh, but deeply rooted in Japanese tradition.

“Utsuwa (vessel) is cloths for food”

His devotion to the utmost beauty in the harmony between food and vessel fascinated many people.
I feel that I will never reach to his standard. I still have lots to learn, however, I would like to think that my work would encourage people to be creative and playful with their use of Utsuwa in their everyday life.