Pat Cheney was born in Caernarvon, Wales, in 1945, and studied at Falmouth College of Art. After initially working in pottery and knitwear design, she went into business as a designer of individual jewellery, specialising in precious metals and vitreous enamels with art glass. She has had numerous exhibitions and awards, including the Goldsmiths Design Award and the UK Gift Award.

The Chenevive Collection was launched in liaison with Aegis Workshops in 1994-95.

More recently Aegis has become Alchemia Jewellery with their workshops based in Fife, Scotland. Alechemias skilled designers are now John Flegg and Irene Orr. John and Irenes inspiration is taken from nature. The waves of the sea, ripples in the sand, intricate patterns of form in plant life, colours from ever changing landscapes all act to build a portfolio of ideas which find their way into their many award winning designs.