Pierre Diamantopoulo is a self-taught, professional sculptor specializing in limited edition, figurative and animalier sculptures, cast in bronze by the traditional "lost wax" process or in Stoneware Ceramic. He came to sculpture obliquely, having no formal art training, and having spent much of his early working life in the world of words. Born in 1952 in Cairo, Egypt of a French mother and a Greek father, he came to England with his parents as refugees during the Suez Crisis. He graduated from the University of Essex with a degree in literature and his first career was in corporate advertising as a copywriter.

He now makes one-off figurative pieces and installations, striving always to defy the earthbound limitations of clay. In his anamalier work he focuses on the physical articulation of creatures, whilst his figures are also allegorical. He often brings the two together in both ceramic original and limited edition bronze. He is currently exploring other media including fired clay, plaster and concrete.

Living and working in Sussex, he has three teenage children and shares a studio on the coast.

He has exhibited work widely, including at the Royal Pavilion Contemporary Art Gallery, Brighton, Christies, Mappin & Webb, Harrods and Aspreys in London and the Tryon Gallery, Cork Street, London.

Corporate Art Projects
2005 Hextable Dance Centre, Kent County Counc, Proposal for Monumental Sculpture
2004-01 Art for Offices, Londo, Corporate Sculpture2003 Plan Art Consultan , Proposal for Willows Centre installation, Essex
2002 Art 4 Business, Philadelphia, US, Proposal for monumental atrium sculpture
Client: McGraw Hill Companies Headquarters, Canary Wharf, London
2002-04 Cass Sculpture Foundatio, Concepts for Monumental Sculpture
2002 Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venic, Concepts for 21st Century British Sculpture
2002 Peggy Guggenheim, Venic, 21st Century British Sculpture
2002-05 Courcoux and Courcou, Mixed Show
2001 Sculpture at Goodwood
Ansty Galleries, Harrogate
Courcoux and Courcoux, Stockbridge
Art 2001, London
2000 Beaux Arts, Bat, 3 Generations of Sculptors
The Royal Society of British Sculptors