Sally Macdonell’s ceramic sculptures are full of spirit, often humorous, always enchanting.

Her porcelain figures are hand-modelled from slabs, coloured with copper oxides and engobes before a final smoking. This process enriches the surface with subtle, warm tones and patterns and has become an increasing dimension in Sally’s work in combination with small pewter details and the occasional use of mixed media. Curvaceous female figures are filled with life by capturing delightfully naïve expressions.

After studying for a Degree in Ceramics at Bath, she set up a studio with her husband, ceramicist Alasdair Neil Macdonell, in 1995. She continues to be fascinated by people and fire; exploring the human form in porcelain and stoneware clay and experimenting with the effects of smoke with her glazes.

Sally now exhibits throughout Britain, and in 1996, was given her first exhibition in America. Having received a Crafts Council Setting-up Grant, she plans to develop a range of larger sculptural figures. Sally’s work can be found in private collections in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, U.S.A. and across the UK.