Adam makes his work on the potterís wheel. He particularly favorís throwing, partly because of the speed but also because it enables him to create different forms quickly.
The white porcelain is a perfect ground for the inky cobalt drawings which decorate his pots. Some imagery is restrained to the simplicity of a single line and other images depict busy narratives. Simple sprigs reminiscent of wax seals from a bygone era embellish some of the surfaces.
He is always experimenting with colour and pattern. He thrives on improvisation and the continuous flow of ideas. A chance conversation or a fleeting image can be the inspiration for a new piece of work. He has ideas and acts impulsively.
It is important that there is a flow in my work and if I loose that flow, I loose the energy. My work is an ongoing journey.

ĎThe nature of Adamís ceramic pots allows the owner to continually revisit their purchase, gaining pleasure from seeing new and wonderful things in its quirky decoration.í
Kim Mawhinney, Head of Art. Ulster Museum