Annabet has always loved kitchen equipment, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, sieves and strainers, mixers and mincers old and new. After a tea pot project during her second year at university Annabet realised she had a desire to make functional work. Her degree finished with a collection of slip cast ceramics and metal tea utensils.

She continued to make a variety of personal table utensils, exploring different ways of eating by making tools to complete tasks. Using uncomplicated shapes and techniques of construction such as piercing, cold forging and bending small tactile pieces evolved.
I finally came to contemporary jewellery after making small functional pieces in metal, tea strainers and infusers then spoons and eating tools. I used the same techniques to shape, texture and perforate my jewellery. When I began to experiment with enamel I used it to add a texture to the visual language. It also gave colour to my work