Barry Stedman (b ,Watford, 1965)
HND 3-D DESIGN, Barnfield College, Luton.
3D Design Crafts, tutor part- time, Barnfield College , Luton.
BA, (Hons) Ceramics, University of Westminster, Harrow Campus.
(First Class Honours)
2009-10 Part-time assistant at Edmund De Waal’s studio, London

Personal Statement
The experience of, drawing and painting out in the field, inspires and informs my work in clay. I choose to draw in places that are exciting to me and involve the changing pattern of sky, sounds, colours, freshness, layered views, windows of light, glimpses of new things, changing qualities and a sense of anticipation.
I love the processes involved with throwing on the wheel and I sense a strong connection between the way I wish to throw soft responsive clay, and the approach I take to drawing and painting. I try to work intuitively, endeavoring to make lively and spontaneous marks and gestures, attempting to be fluent and energetic, seeking some sort of meaning and coherence, trying to recognise the moment just before the work goes too far and loses its freshness.