The concept of Franziska Rappold’s jewelry design is based upon few elementary forms created by
nature: pod, fruitcase, blossom, bud. Modelling and materializing in this concept means to intuitively
explore the space of fashioning, led by the desire to update the encryption codes of nature in terms
of human artifacts - with pleasure, fantasy, imagination and creative wonder.

The shape of the idea is growing through free modelling and the use of modern goldsmith’s technology
into a precious metal skin, which is open for every form and every volume. The structure of the surface
of each object is finished in a way that underlines its unmistakeable appearance. From the combination
with stainless steel or rubber rope a particular contrast of tension between form and line arises.

The jewelry is manufactured in small series, available in pure silver, gold plated or in pure gold.

Franziska Rappold passed a professional training for goldsmiths and extended her practical experience
by studying jewelry design at the Design School, University of Applied Sciences, Pforzheim, Germany.
Since 1995 she is presenting her collection in the international jewelry market.

Regularly she is taking part at the international fairs “Tendence”, Frankfurt, “Inhorgenta”, Munich and “SOFA”,
New York and Chicago. New jewelry is displayed annually during this fairs in spring and autumn.

With her work Franziska Rappold won several awards, recently (2007) the Hessian State Prize for German
Arts and Crafts at Tendence Lifestyle, and she established her brand in the community of the younger
generation of designers, whose names are identified with sophisticated modern design.