Since studying at Northampton School of Art, Ian McCulloch has worked as a teacher, freelance designer, finished artist/illustrator and computer printmaker. In recent years etching has come to be Ian's primary vehicle of expression. Many of his etching utilise traditional techniques and processes, but a large part of his work remains experimental. The computer has stimulated explosive experimentation in printmaking and the visual arts generally. Much of Ian's work involves the manipulation of the digital image, and for Ian personally modern technology sits well with the traditions of the art form and serves to enhance the mystique and beauty of the subject.

Much of Ian's work is concerned with the representation of the English landscape in all its diversity. As a subject, he finds trees particularly interesting and his work focuses on the atmospheric qualities of light at sunrise and dusk. The light at these particular times of day is both evocative and revealing as texture and colour are enhanced. The Hare is also a popular subject, and he manages to capture the character of these enigmatic creatures extremely well. Each of his etchings are individually coloured giving each print a unique character and atmosphere.
Ian's work has been exhibited widely including the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) and Royal Academy (RA) Summer Exhibitions.

Ian lives and works in rural Northamptonshire.