John Dunn’s raku dishes stem from a decision to be single-minded abut one particular aspect of ceramics and to eliminate all production which was not meaningful to him. Raku had always been held to be sacred to compromise in this area. After years of producing the 23’ diameter raku dishes for which he is known, he is still surprised at the evolution and refinement which continues to take place.

His work has been featured in many exhibitions. It is distributed throughout Europe and housed in both public and private collections.

John Dunn has said about his work:

’A lot of makers tend to stick bits on to make it look more interesting; take a form, add things on, add more colour. I like to take away, to get to the power. I take a form. I try to get a very pure line, find out what’s unnecessary. So it very much evolves from abstracting; taking away unnecessary colour, unnecessary line You get a very pure line, which I think is where the power comes in.’