John Hammond has rapidly established himself as one of Britains finest painters using acrylics as his chosen medium. As with all good painting, the artists challenge is to create light and atmosphere so that the composition conveys that elusive sense of place.

Well achieved, this can have an emotional impact which transports you to the place portrayed, even generating in your imagination the smells and sounds of the location. You might even call it time travel or instant escapism.

Committing to canvas the various lights and hues of widely different locations is at the heart of John Hammonds skills. Contrast if you will the English beach scenes with his Tuscan studies or the estuary calm of south west England with the tranquil but very different mood created by his studies of Venetian backwaters.

Of course, there are visual clues, the gondolas, the cypress trees, which place Johns pictures, but it is the complex and very different play of light and colours which brings the work to life and which generates that inner feeling of satisfaction.

These subtleties distinguish great paintings from the merely good, and Johns work is being increasingly recognised by discerning collectors, following highly successful shows in Stratford, Cheltenham, London and the south coast.

In the last year or two we have also witnessed an increased focus on the impressionistic content of his work. This enhances further the impact of his canvases, allowing the viewers mind to interpret the images which have been fashioned with simple bold strokes of colour.

John Hammond completed a foundation course at Wimbledon Art College before going on to obtain his honours degree at Bath Academy of Art in 1982.

He has since had regular yearly exhibitions at the Bay House in Cornwall, producing watercolours of land and seascape, and has sold and exhibited at a number of venues in Southern England and the West Country.

After completing a series of paintings for the Brecon Cathedral Visitors Centre, the artist went on to spend several years as artist in residence to Wiltshire based sculptor Barry Baldwin, producing studies of the artist at work and visualisations for large figurative projects. In 1996 he staged his first solo exhibition at the Thorndike Theatre Gallery, and demonstrated his working methods and exhibited at the Hatfield House Art Fair.

In the past year his residency association has led to a period working in Hamburg, Germany and ultimately to a large commissioned triptych in his new found medium of acrylics on board for Land Securities plc.

He now works from his studio at home on a full time basis, producing works for exhibition and to commission.