From boyhood, wood and art seem to have been intrinsic in my life. I was always shaping boats and Planes or bows and arrows for myself and my pals in my fathers workshop. Any chance to draw and paint was always a joy.

I left school and became a carpenter. I received private tuition in art. My first commercial venture was to sell my cartoons to agencies that catered for magazines and newspapers.

I discovered woodturning in the early seventies. There were not so many people in the business in those days. Carving of wood became more satisfying and rewarding. Highly stylized forms started to emerge. I was offered my first solo exhibition at the Chestnut Gallery in 1976. Since that day I have had over 20 exhibitions at different galleries plus television and media inclusions.

In the nineteen nineties I started experimenting with a new form of work which evolved the use of acrylics on wood. Subject matter can be either wildlife or caricatures of life, involving humour, piety etc.

These two art forms now exist in my life. Frequently changing between them keeps my sense of purpose sharp and focused.

My work can be found in quality galleries in this country, Europe and the USA. One evening at an exhibition a sightless man told me that he could visualize every facet of my work through his touch. That pleased me greatly.