Education and Employment:

Born, Cambridge, England, U.K. 18th Feb. 1952
University of East Anglia, Norwich. 1972-1975
West-Midlands College of Higher Education. 1980-1981
Ministry of Agriculture, Soil Science. 1976-1979
Glass Assistant to Anthony Stern (brother) 1982-1986
Glass Making with Peter Layton 1986-1994
Set up first workshop 1994-1998
Moved to present workshop 1998

Patrick Stern’s glasswork has been included in numerous exhibitions in the U.K. and Europe, and also in the permanent collections of the Broadfield House Glass Museum, and Corning Museum of Glass. Exhibitions have included two at New-workshop, Taiwan in 1997 and 1998, and inclusion as guest artist in “Melt” (an exhibition of contemporary glass) at Battersea Arts Centre in April 1999, also at the South West Academy Open Exhibition in 2001, The Thelma Hulbert Gallery 2002 and the Majalis Gallery, Dubai, 2002.

Two pieces were selected for the British Glass Biennale 2004 and three pieces for the Glass Biennale 2006

A major commission was completed in 2000, for four pieces of artwork for the cruise liner ‘Explorer of the Seas’, and a commission for Kings Avenue Primary School, Lambeth was completed in 2002.

Artists Statement:

“I draw inspiration for my glass work from diverse aspects of my experience, this includes an element derived from the processes of hot glass work, as well as from my travels and studies.
I tend to make small numbers of any particular design, and like to be free to alter and develop designs as I work. This allows each piece an individual character, as a reflection of the time of its making, rather than an attempt to recreate some object previously made. Over the eighteen years that I have worked with glass I have explored as wide a variety of techniques as has been available to me. This has included cutting and engraving as well as kiln forming and lamp-working.
My work with beads and mosaic glass derived from a desire to work on a smaller scale. This was partly out of environmental concern, and in part to explore size as an aesthetic variable.”