Sylvia H Owens is a sculptress skilled in wood and stone carving. She completed the BA(Hons) Fine Art Sculpture course at Loughborough College Of Art & Design in 1984. She has exhibited consistently since leaving college in venues throughout the Midland and further afield.

Her unique individual low-relief sculptures represent a body of work produced over a number of years. They explore the human form together with inspiration taken from Celtic shapes and patterns.

The inner content is to convey the many possible human relationships, feelings and moods using the way the body holds itself or reacts with another. The figures are self-contained emerging, interlocking, holding, caressing coming together and apart.

In their anonymity to specified relationships they evoke the viewers own personal thoughts on lovers, friends, family, loneliness, sadness, love, joy, resentment, hurt, pain, and much more.

The outside abstract shape is as important as the image itself in creating their overall mood. Through their shapes and contours they have a quality of being spiral, regenerating their life within themselves.

Her sculptures live to celebrate and enjoy the intimate beauty of life within the permanence of stone.