I was initially intrigued by glass blowing while participating in a weekend class at a studio in Cornwall, over a school holiday. I became fascinated by this molten material, which could be fashioned into a diverse range of forms from the truly classical to the widely organic.

Five years of Higher Education led to working and exhibiting in, not only the United Kingdom, but also Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

My glass work varies from the elegant twists and curves incorporated into the stoppered bottles, in my ’Mono’ range, to the delicate layers which make up the abstract depiction of a landscape in my ’Moors’ range.’

Tom Petit was born in 1967.

Education: Art Foundation Course, Hastings College of Art and Technology
3D Design in Glass and Ceramics, Sunderland Polytechnic

Briely Hill International Glass Course

Work Experience: 1986 Glassblower's Assistant Isle of Wight Glass
1991-1994 Glassblower's Assistant London Glassblowing Workshop
1994 onwards Glassblower

Exhibitions: 1992 Reflections in Glass, The Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool
1993 London Glassblowing Glass, Manchester
1994 Tour de France, The Turnpike Gallery, Hampshire
1994 Tribal Origins, Harrods, London
1994 Presents for Christmas, The Turnpike Gallery, Hampshire
1995 Tribal Origins, Harrods, London
1995 The New Ice Age, The Mid-Pennine Gallery, Lancs
1995 Glass and Metalwork, The Centre for International
Wildlife Art, Gloucestershire
1995 Exposition des Maitre-Verries, Luxembourg
1996 Fire and Ice, Candover Gallery, Hamps