Ugo Baracco was born in Padua in 1949. He studied painting in Padua before attending the classes offered by Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice, where he took a basic course in etching and printmaking. He experimented with various forms of etchings such as aquatint, aquafortis and mezzotint continually perfecting his own techniques.

Ugo Baracco studied the techniques of the great Venetian masters, such as Canaletto, Guardi and Piranesi. Today the influence of these artists is apparent in his work.

The illusive magic of Venice gives the artist and endless source of inspiration and technical ability and unique sensibility enable him to capture the essence of this fantastic city.

He has had many exhibitions all over the world including England, France, Japan and throughout the United States and he has received prestigious awards. His numerous shows and inclusion in private collections worldwide have won him international recognition.

Ugo Baracco uses an original antique process to make his etchings and aquatints. A zinc or copper plate is covered with a wax-based substance. The design is drawn onto the wax with a sharp point exposing the metal. The plate is then put into an acid bath which etches the exposed areas. The degree of intensity is achieved by the amount of time the plate is exposed in the acid.

The final etching is printed on handmade paper by the artist, who colours each plate individually. This guarantees that no two prints are exactly the same. Each edition is numbered and limited. Controlling all aspects of the creative process is time consuming and demanding, but assures originality and quality.