Bytomska Jewellery is jewellery designed and made by Bogumil Bytomski and Julia Bytomska, father and daughter, in a shared family studio.

It all began in 1973, when Bogumil Bytomski founded his first goldsmith workshop in Warsaw. From that time until today, with unflagging passion, he creates unique, original jewelry.
A few years ago, another chapter of the adventure that has been going on for more than 40 years began. Daughters joined Bogumil. The studio is designed and created by Julia, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, and in 2013 with the help of Zuzanna managed to create a new concept for a joint venture -mark Bytomski / Bytomska Jewelery.

In the family studio, we design and make our own jewellery made of gold, silver and other precious materials, always according to personal taste.
Freedom and independence are the most valuable values for us. We follow our own paths, we trust our instincts and our own abilities.
We live and work close to nature. It is the most important and constant inspiration, source of energy and a place of rest. That is why every object created in our workshop carries unique features, each is an individual work and different from the other, even if both are based on the same model.
Just like in nature - nothing is repeated, each creation is unique.

Our jewellery is surprising.
It is like a precious talisman that you always have with you. Just hang it on your neck or rotate it on your finger to move into the oneiric atmosphere of fairy-tale nature, fantasies and childhood dreams.
Non-traditional, sculptural form, referring to the irregular shapes and textures of the natural world, remains in constant contact with your body.
It stimulates the sense of touch, imagination and provokes to play, allowing for a moment of pleasure, respite and smile.

Noble metals, traditional jewellery techniques and attention to detail give a sense of comfort and quality.

Our jewellery is chosen primarily by conscious, self-confident people. Open and interesting world, independent, walking their own ways. Pleasant and boldly expressing themselves. With a sense of humour and distance, full of fantasy and sensitive to beauty. Valuing quality, unique style and imagination.